Tomb Raider Legend poem (namivanmar)


The new generation takes us back in time
For Lara's mom, it's the end of the line?
Revisiting Peru found a stinky shoe
To whom it belongs now I've got a clue!

Daises, stone swords, similar legends
Meeting with Rutland was not so pleasant
Takamoto's just a fragment of all
His mighty power could be medieval.

Turning to Ice-cold and dark Kazakhstan
We fire up Tesla's good ol' big gun
When Unknown Entity, Amanda's lil' pet
Trying to kill us. It will be regret.

In England King Arthur's body gone missing
Through the canal the Hydra was hissing
Excalibur? Does that ring a bell?
Now got the last piece just needs some weld.

Back in Bolivia more soldiers have died
With Rutland and Amanda we reunite
Her every breath is a gift from now on
Where is her mother? In bloody Avalon.

Írta: namivanmar


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